How to add your Primary Product Feed

Modified on Wed, 17 May 2023 at 03:39 PM

For your products to be shown on Google Shopping, you must add your product data to your Merchant Center via your Primary Product Feed. This article will give a step-by-step guide on setting up your Primary Product feed directly via the Merchant Center. 

What is your Primary Product Feed?
A primary feed is the central data source that the Merchant Center uses to display your product data via Google Shopping. The data in this Product Feed should exactly match the Product data you show on the landing page. 

How to set up your Primary Product Feed?
It only takes 4 easy steps to set up your Primary Product Feed in the Merchant Center! 

Step 1: Add the Primary Product Feed 

  • Go to the Product section and click on “feeds”. Here you will see the following: 

Click on the blue plus button to start creating a new Primary Product feed! 

Step 2: Add the basic information    

2.1. Add the target countries where you want to display your Shopping Ads E.g., the Netherlands.

2.2. Add the language of the content in your feed, and make sure these match your target country (s) E.g., Dutch

Fill in the country code of your target country. E.g., NL
Note: your feed label must be in uppercase and cannot have spaces.

Learn more about the importance of the Feed Label while working with Producthero 

2.3. Select which Google (Ads) destinations you want to send the Ads to

  • Display ads

  • Free listings 

  • Shopping ads

You can select multiple destinations and change these anytime!

Step 3: Give your Primary Product feed a name and choose your input method

3.1. Give your Primary Product feed a name


3.2. Select from which source you want to upload your product feed

There are different ways to do this, you can do this directly via Google Sheets, Scheduled Fetch, upload a file from your computer, use a feed-management tool like Channeble, or use the Content API. 

Step 4: Done! 
Once you have completed these steps, you have finished setting up your Primary Product Feed! It usually takes Google three days to review your submitted product feed. After this, you are ready to advertise your Products on Google Shopping. 

How to safely change your Primary Product Feed?
To avoid any downtime of your Shopping Ads when changing your Primary Product Feed in your Merchant Center, upload your new feed while the old one (the one you're replacing) is still active. Only delete the “old one” once Google has fully approved the new one. If the products in this feed are similar to the “old” primary product feed, the review time will be quick because Google is already familiar with the products.  If most of the products in the new feed are new products, the review time will take around 3 days. 

If you experience any issues with your Primary Product Feed, feel free to contact

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